Woman Says She Was “Offended” By Manager’s Brutally Honest Advice During Job Interview

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A young woman was turned down for a waitressing job because of her weight. Now, 22-year-old Crystal Harrington wants the world to know what the hateful manager said to her and what the “inappropriate” comments were made. The single mother was just trying to earn a little extra cash as a server when she interviewed for a position as a waitress at the Baytown Seafood restaurant in West Columbia, but the manager was just being “straightforward” when they turned her down making the single mother very, very sad.

Harrington confessed that she might not be as skinny as she once was, but that should not stop her from getting a job serving food to hungry customers at a seafood restaurant in West Columbia. Nevertheless, the manager at the restaurant refused to hire her because they wanted someone who looked the part rather than a person who could carry food to people seated at tables.

“While you might have a skinny waitress do a really crappy job, she’s going to get the tips, whereas big girls like us, and she did say us, and I don’t know why because she’s not my size. She’s not big to me. Big girls like us won’t get the tip,” Harrington stated to a reporter.

Although Harrington was actually offered the job, she did not want to work at the seafood restaurant that was not willing to accept her for who she was, which was a large woman.

She stated: “It was over the line. ‘Did you feel discriminated against?’ In a sense, yes.”

However, the manager might not have actually broken any laws by making the comments that they made. Nevertheless, they certainly made the comments in poor taste and certainly made them in a way that rubbed the single mother in the wrong way.

Eventually, the Baytown Seafood manager that Harrington was referring to was confronted. This person was none other than Mary Pruett, who denied making such comments about Harrington’s obesity.

“‘Is there a chance that you just said something that was maybe a little rude or unprofessional?’ No, not at all,” Mary Pruett stated. She said that she never said anything of the sort concerning the single mother and her size.

Pruett went on to say that Harrington was wrong for posting content about her.

“That is incorrect. What she has posted is incorrect. She was offered a job. Nothing was said about size because you have all sizes working here, and I can’t determine what the customer is going to give in tips,” Pruett stated.

However, Harrington is sticking by her size story. She shared this on social media.

“I turned it down because I did not want to work for somebody like that; if you’re going to be that discouraging and you are going to look at me like that just because of my size, I don’t want to work for you.”

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