Woman Gets Told She Has To Leave The Gym Because Of These “Offensive” Leggings

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A thirty-seven-year-old woman claims she was dress-coded while working out at her local gym because she was wearing leggings. Although she was simply just doing a workout while at her gym, the staff at the establishment found her outfit to be shockingly offensive, and so the 37-year-old workout woman named Kerry Rose Schwartz from California turned to the Chinese-created social media video-sharing app TikTok to expose the gym and share her side of the story.

In the video tell-all experience, Schwartz complained that her all-women’s fitness center dress-coded her for wearing leggings at the workout facility. She said that the staff at the workout gym shamed her for looking so good in her leggings because she had body-contour leggings on while she was working out. Apparently, this type of outfit was against the rules, and the owner of the all-female gym called her out for a “quick chat” about the violation of the dress code rules.

The California workout fanatic turned to her 153,000 followers on TikTok to complain about her all-female gym and how she was exposed for her workout attire. She was told by the gym owner that her outfit made the other people at the gym feel “offended” because she was exposing too much of her body inside the workout facility.

“I was shamed at the gym for my dress code,” the California woman captioned the video she shared on the Chinese social media platform.

She claimed that she was confused when the gym owner first confronted her because she was wearing her usual gym attire – leggings, a sports bra, and sneakers. She didn’t know what was going on when the owner of the gym wanted to speak to her about what she had on.

“I could sense that something was wrong because the conversation got uncomfortable really quickly,” Kerry said. “They said, ‘I’m really sorry we have to have this conversation, but apparently you’re making a few women feel uncomfortable with the leggings that you’re wearing.’

Kerry was “confused” and “shocked” because she wore the same type of outfit every day. But most of all, she was embarrassed for being singled out when every other woman was wearing something similar to her at the gym.

“I almost felt shame even though I shouldn’t.”

She paid top dollar to work out at a gym that acted as a “safe space” where there would be “no judgment,” but that was not what she got for paying so much money.

“I wasn’t wearing anything inappropriate,” she said. Because Kerry had to deal with body issues in the past, this confrontation caused all of her old problems to come right back and manifest again and again, causing strife and pain.

“I struggled with body dysmorphia and feeling comfortable in gyms my entire life,” she said. She didn’t need this to happen now.

“And when I found a gym that I felt comfortable in that I really enjoyed, it changed my life.”

Do you think her outfit was offensive?

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