Veteran Refuses To Remove ‘Symbol Of Hate’ From His Property After Neighbor Complained

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A United Stated Air Force Veteran uploaded a video on Facebook Live, recounting a bizarre experience involving an unidentified neighbor.

Justin Schroeder, 36, had returned home after running errands only to find a note at his front door. “Man, I don’t even know where to start,” he said in the Facebook Live video. “I’ve met some stupid people in my lifetime, but this takes the cake.”

He then read the note: “Dear neighbor, I am disgusted you would fly this symbol of hate.”

Schroeder panned his camera towards the American flag at the front of his home.

“Judging by the trucks in your driveway, I can only assume you voted for Trump,” he read, and then showed viewers the vehicles parked in the area.

“This is a disgusting house, and Bozeman deserves better,” Schroeder read, then quickly responded: “You’re right – it does. Pack your s–t and leave.”

The letter continued: “If not taken down by tonight, I will take it down myself. This is not a fight you want. We will win. Sincerely, your neighbor.”

Schroeder crumpled the note and threw it on the ground. He then replied; “I’ve met some stupid f–king people in my lifetime, but I can tell you right now, that flag right there? That flag ain’t comin’ down.”

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