These Photos Of Demi Moore Are Getting Her In Trouble With The Law

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Demi Moore is not someone who shies away from the spotlight. However, her recent visit to Paris has attracted all the wrong types of attention for the actress. Moore, 59, was caught on camera bringing her dog to the Louvre Museum despite the facility’s strict no-pet policy. Moore found herself to be above the law of the location as she captured a photo of her dog, Pilaf, in front of the world-famous Mona Lisa painting by Leonardo da Vinci.

The image from Moore shows her holding her orange and white dog. The actress’s fans were shocked to see that Moore was able to bring her dog, Pilaf, into the museum despite the Louvre’s strict no-animal policy. The image was captured from over Moore’s left shoulder as she holds her small dog up to the Mona Lisa in what appears to be a somewhat private viewing of the world-famous piece of art.

On the Louvre website, the museum makes it very clear that no animals are allowed inside except for a few exceptions like guide and assistance dogs.

“All animals, with the exception of guide dogs or assistance dogs accompanying persons with motor or mental impairment,” the Louvre website states under their ‘Prohibited Items’ list.

Apparently, Moore snuck her dog into the museum by having the small animals nestled in her blouse. Moore shared additional photos of herself and her dog, Pilaf, as they explored the museum and made the most of their day in Paris. Because no one else was featured in Moore’s photos, many people speculated that she might have had a somewhat private viewing of the world-famous museum and its art.

Moore captioned her post of Pilaf at the Louvre with a simple statement that read, “Pilaf takes the Louvre.”

People replied to Moore’s Instagram post with shock and awe since she was somehow able to sneak her dog into the museum despite its strict no pet or animal policy that is stated on the museum’s website.

“A dog in the best museum?” one fan asked, according to Daily Mail, which reached out to Moore’s representatives for comment.

“How on earth are you allowed to bring a dog into the Louvre…?” another fan wrote.

Some Instagram users were simply shocked that Moore was able to bring her dog into the world-famous museum to see its art.

“How is it allowed?” one person on Instagram asked.

Another person wrote, “Sad when celebrities abuse their fame and take their pets in places we common folk can’t. The Louvre has a no pet policy with a service animal exemption. Demi Moore, you should know better.”

Other things that are prohibited from the Louvre besides animals are blunt objects like “baseball bats” and “self-defense batons” and “any explosive, flammable or volatile substance.”

Do you think Moore should have been allowed to take her dog to the Louvre Museum to see the Mona Lisa?

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