She Thought It Was a Huge Tip, But When She Goes To Pick It Up…’This Is Not What I Was Expecting!’

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Many Americans have experienced the daily grind of being a waiter or waitress in a restaurant. Some folks endured it through high school or college. Other people sweat through the profession for their entire lives.

Anyone who has served their time serving others in a restaurant understands the importance of a tip. Serving tables in a restaurant can be thankless and backbreaking work. A generous tip can mean the world to a tired waiter or an overworked waitress. Conversely, a stingy tip can ruin a person’s day and wreck havoc on a weekly budget.

Unfortunately, it was the latter case for a teenager in Kansas. Garret Wayman was almost done with his long shift of busing tables. Under a ketchup bottle, he noticed a twenty-dollar bill.

Assuming it was a tip for all of his hard work, he picked up the money. Sadly, he was dismayed to discover it wasn’t money at all. It was only a piece of paper. Even worse, there was a callow message inside instructing him to follow Jesus and take up the Christian faith.

Wayman was unimpressed. He lamented, Im 17 years old, $7,000 in debt because I had to buy myself a car, juggling full-time school, and working 7 days a week. He also took to social media to vent his frustrations, and he was met with great sympathy.

Many people even offered to send him twenty dollars to make up for it. What do you think about the bogus tip? Let us know below!

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