Sean Hannity Gets ‘Caught In The Act’ When He Thought It Was Commercial Break

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Fox News host Sean Hannity failed to realize that television cameras were back on following a commercial and was subsequently caught on TV vaping.

Seconds after the show resumed, 1 person on set seemed to get Hannity’s attention, and he yanked the vape from his mouth and cast it aside. Hannity briefly flashed following the moment.

Fox News host Laura Ingraham teased him about the moment, and called it “cute.”

“Oh wait, am I on camera right now?” Ingraham teased as she drank from a water bottle. “Oh, hi.”

“It happens to the best of us, Hannity,” she said. “I mean, those little moments are cute, those are in the forever reel of the real Hannity — like, we want to know you.”

Curtis Houck tweeted: “OMG Hannity just had his Gutfeld/peeing moment – he lost track of time during the last break so he was still wearing his glasses and smoking a Juul. (Sorry for the jump cut at the 0:10 second mark during “Villain of the Day” — Snapstream recordings were switching to Ingraham)”

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