Only People ‘With High IQ’ Can Spot Second Horse In Baffling Optical Illusion

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Quizzes and brain teasers are a great way to keep the brain active, so what better way to start your morning then putting your mind to the test and seeing if you can crack another animal inspired optical illusion.

The last optical illusion for you to crack has been created by TiffyTaffy and asks you to locate all the horses in this image within 10 seconds.

Succeed and you can tell everyone you have a ‘high IQ’ as well as having the satisfaction of lording it over anyone who didn’t spot it.

Ready? Your 10 second countdown begins now.

There are a total of two horses in this image – are you able to see them both?

Look closely at all aspects of the photo, but don’t take too long remember as you need to be able to crack it in 10 seconds.

The first horse should be super easy to spot, seeing as though the entire foreground of the photo is taken up by a brown-and-white horse.

If you weren’t able to the first horse then it might be time to head to the opticians and get your eyes tested.

After locating horse number one you’ve got about nine seconds left to find the second, with this task proving to be a bit of a head scratcher.

Is there a second horse hiding behind the first? Or a slightly smaller one stood in front?

If you’re unable to crack the image within the first couple of seconds then it’s unlikely that scrutinizing every pixel of the image is going to help, as optical illusions are something which are deliberately created to deliberately mislead your brain.

It’s usually the case that people can either easily spot an optical illusion within the first few seconds or are completely lost until someone points it out in black-and-white – which is usually followed by the ‘oh yeah’ light-bulb moment after your brain adjusts.

Still curious about where the second horse is? Look no further as we’ve got the answer for you below.

Yep that’s right, the second horse you were looking for was the pattern of the animal’s coat, which appears to spell out the word ‘H O R S E’.

Which to be fair the optical illusion only asked you to locate the second horse, it never said anything about spotting two animals.

It’s there which lies the fun in optical illusions, they force us to think about of the box and use our brain’s to come up with creative solutions.

For those who didn’t spot it, don’t worry.

It’s highly unlikely that noticing the word horse written on the side a horse is an accurate representation of IQ anyway.

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