Now We Know The Real Reason Five Guys Gives Away Free Peanuts

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Food allergies are becoming more common these days as people consume processed foods and less healthy diets. One of the most common severe allergies that can cause death in some people is the allergy to peanuts. While pollen allergies and cat allergies are very common, the ubiquitous threat of a peanut allergy has many people with the allergy on high alert when they go out for food at restaurants.

Airplanes used to hand out peanuts on flights. However, they decided to change to pretzels and other snacks because peanut allergies can be very dangerous for people, especially on a flight like that. However, some airlines still use peanuts as a free snack because they’re high in protein and satisfy people quickly.

People with peanut allergies must be aware when eating at restaurants. Peanut oil is a common ingredient used at many restaurants because it works well for many uses.

Five Guys is one restaurant that is not afraid to offer peanuts to its customers. Not only does the restaurant use peanut oil when cooking their famous French fries, but they also offer free peanuts to their customers.

While most restaurants try to shy away from using peanuts so as not to disturb someone with a peanut allergy – and potentially lose a paying customer, Five Guys takes a drastically different approach. The restaurant wants people with peanut allergies to be aware that they use peanuts at their locations, so they put peanuts out for people to take for free as a way to deter someone with a peanut allergy from ordering from the fast-food joint.

One Five Guys employee wrote on Reddit about the free peanuts. Not only do they help deter people with allergies from ordering at the restaurant, but they also serve as a distraction for customers who are waiting to order.

The free peanuts serve as a visual – and blatant – reminder that Five Guys uses peanut oil in their kitchens. The restaurant wants someone with a peanut allergy to watch out, so they put the free peanuts out for all customers to grab as they see fit.

While some people with peanut allergies may be discouraged from eating at Five Guys because of the free peanuts, the restaurant wants to make sure that everyone is aware of its policies and ingredients. They want to be as transparent as possible so that no one has a bad experience – or worse, an allergic reaction – while dining at their establishment. For the most part, it seems that their strategy is working.

So, the next time you’re at Five Guys and see a big bin of peanuts sitting out, remember that it’s not there for decoration – it’s there to keep people with allergies safe. And, if you have a peanut allergy, maybe give another restaurant a try instead of ordering from Five Guys, which uses peanut oil to fry their french fries.

Do you have a peanut allergy? What do you think of Five Guys’ free peanut policy?

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