Mom Feels Something Between Her Legs While Driving, Stunned With What “Slid” Out

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A pregnant woman was in the car with her fiancé when she suddenly started feeling pain in her abdomen. She gritted her teeth and tried to bear it, but the pain was very intense and overwhelming for the woman named Raelin. She was twenty-nine weeks pregnant at the time, but what happened next would shock both parents for the rest of their lives.

Because she was nearing the end of her pregnancy, Raelin was used to having contractions. These common contractions are known as Braxton Hicks contractions and are a normal part of pregnancy. However, these are not labor contractions but are simply contractions that occur near the end of a pregnancy when a woman’s body is getting ready to give birth to the little one growing inside.

Raelin was pregnant with her second child, and things had been going well during the pregnancy. However, that day in the car, everything took a shocking turn. When Raelin started having a contraction, she thought it was nothing more than a Braxton Hicks contraction.

However, the contractions “started to get closer together and more intense,” so she asked her fiancé, Ean, to rush her to the hospital because she might be in labor.

“So, I decided to go in,” Raelin told Kidspot. “I live about 15 minutes from the hospital, But I had to drop my daughter off at her godmother’s, which added about five minutes.”

Unfortunately, Raelin was in a lot of pain. It had become unbearable, so she dialed 911 to speak to a dispatcher. Because she was suffering, Raelin could not speak clearly to the 911 dispatcher, so she handed the phone over to Ean. However, he was also distracted since he was trying to take the mother of his child to the hospital.

“He drove the wrong way in the bus lane because there was traffic,” she recalled. “There were no buses coming, so he got in the bus lane to make it to the hospital faster.”

Raelin was running out of time.

“I felt the baby in the birth canal and knew it was time,” she said. “So I pulled my pants off and reached down and felt his head. I pushed one time, and he slid out. That’s when I realized he was still in this sac.”

The couple had left their house at 11:14 am, dropped off their daughter at 11:22 am, and by 11:28 am, Raelin had given birth to her son, Ean Jr. or EJ, in the car.

“I knew with him being so early he probably wouldn’t be able to breathe on his own and that he was safe in there, so I didn’t disturb it,” Raelin says. “At first, the baby wasn’t moving — then I rubbed his face with my finger, and he brought his hands and feet to cover his face, and I knew he was fine.”

Minutes later, they arrived at the hospital.

“I stayed in the car, and my Ean went in for help,” she said. “No one was coming until the security guard walked past and saw me with the baby — then he called a code. That’s when Ean snapped this amazing photo.”

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