Model Causes Scene At Movies By Wearing ‘Wildly’ Inappropriate Outfit

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A woman shocked moviegoers by wearing a “wildly” inappropriate outfit. A video of the incident quickly garnered the attention of social media users who were outraged by her dress, with many saying she should have been arrested.

A social media star went viral after a video was shared online featuring her in an outfit that risked a serious wardrobe malfunction. Fans identified the Instagram model as Indi Jung, who was seen ordering movie tickets and later standing at the concession stand.

Because her floor-length black dress showed the entire side of her body and was kept together by gold wire, Jung drew the attention of a passer-by who recorded a video of her. One wrong movement would potentially reveal the Brazilian woman’s genitalia.

In the clip, Jung was seen buying a snack from the concession stand while at the theater. The brunette model is shown letting her hair fall to the side as she shocked onlookers in the black dress. She paired the scandalous gown with nude sandals.

Jung has previously shared videos on her TikTok account wearing the same dress in black, hot pink, and orange. The footage went viral on social media. Several versions of the video surfaced online, garnering millions of views and thousands of comments.


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