Man Yells ‘Hey Piggy’ To Random Woman On Street, Then She Turns Around And He Sees Who It Is… Oops!

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When a man in Lima, Peru made one of his frequent catcalls to a passing female, the harasser was in for a shock as the woman revealed herself to be his own mother.

Wearing a wig as a disguise, the woman agreed to participate in a social experiment conducted by Everlast which attempted to address the frequent occurrence of women being harassed by men as they walk down the street in Lima.

Once some of the offending men were identified, Everlast contacted their mothers and asked them to don a disguise and participate in the experiment.

Sadly, a number of the men catcalled to their own unrecognizable mothers. As the first mother appears in a video of the experiment, her son responds with a crude catcall.

“Tasty Panties!” he yells, prompting the mother to reveal herself and chide him for his behavior. The mother finishes by hitting the son multiple times with her purse despite the man’s claims that he does not routinely harass females.

Another woman took the correction of her son in hand when he yelled, “Piggy!” After revealing herself, the woman stated that she was ashamed the boy was her son. While the mother turns up the volume of her rant, the son implores her to quiet down so that he will not be fired from his job.

Perhaps he should have thought about that before making inappropriate comments to the woman that gave birth to him.

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