Hidden Camera Catches The Latest Scam That Is Happening In Grocery Stores Around The Country

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Earning and keeping our money is hard enough. But when crooks and con artists try to separate us from our hard-earned cash – illegally – we grow pretty upset. Scammers keep coming up with creative ways to commit identity theft and steal from honest people. Recently, we shared security camera footage from a convenience store that showed how crooks are stealing your credit card information without needing your card.

Today we want to show you the latest scam striking out at grocery store shoppers across the country. In the closed circuit security footage, you’ll witness as one scammer sneaks up on a female shopper and attempts to commit his act of theft.

As you’re about to see this new scam is something you have a lot of power to prevent. But if you’re not aware and do not engage your situational awareness, then you could be taken advantage of by a crook like the one in the clip. Because becoming a victim in this way is preventable, security experts urge the general public to remain aware and watch out for this scary new trend, striking shoppers across the country.

When shopping, especially at a grocery store, it’s probably common for you to leave your purse or pocketbook in the cart. But as you’re about to see, this common habit puts your identity and personal information at risk more than you’d think.

Inside Edition ran a report to get to the bottom of this wave of theft. As the purse-snatching trend continues to escalate, the investigative reporters sent in their moles to catch the act on camera and share it with their millions of viewers.

Most people would assume purse-grabbers work alone and snag what they can when they can. But Inside Edition exposed the truth about the trend. These thieves do not work alone as many might suspect. Instead, they have a partner in crime who practically assures a successful theft.

In the video report, watch as the two scammers approach a woman shopping for produce in the grocery store.

Because they get the better of her, they leave with her wallet. And the victim has no idea she was just robbed. That’s why Inside Edition sent their crewmembers undercover to expose the latest grocery store trend and catch the crooks in the act.

Seeking outside experts, Inside Edition partnered with security consultant Bill Stanton to help protect people watching at home.

“It is so quick, people don’t know it’s happening,” Stanton told the news source. If you leave your wallet or purse in your grocery cart, you’re at risk of this terrifying trend no matter where you live.

Thousands of viewers left comments on the clip you’re about to see below.

Shelly O. wrote, “Never turn your back leaving your purse unattended. Always keep the basket in front of you. I always keep mine in front of me, plus I tie it with the child belt. I also carry pepper spray.”

The key protecting yourself from purse-snatchers is preparation. If you keep your purse in view and are aware of your surroundings, crooks are going to have a much harder time snatching your personal belongings.

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