FCC Fines “The View” $1.6 Million for Whoopi’s ‘Extreme” Behavior

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Whoopi Goldberg may think she can just go on her show and say horrible things about white folks, but the FCC disagrees. A ruling from the commission says ABC’s “The View” must pay a $1.6 million fine for her “blatant disregard for the rules of public broadcasting.”

FCC Spokesman Joe Barron says the show received numerous warnings: “We’ve been sending them emails about this for quite some time. The last outburst, however, was just way over the line. The network will need to pay.”

Maybe now that she’s cost them some money for no good reason they’ll do the right thing and let her go. There are no fewer than 196 stories on the internet about it happening; all they need to do is make one come true.”

Whoopi’s publicist declined to comment on our story, noting that it’s “not at all true and just another instance of ALLOD tossing tennis balls at a hornet’s nest,” whatever that means. Our contact at ABC, who may or may not be reliable, tells us that the show has stopped production for the time being because it’s currently lunchtime. There’s no word yet on if it will resume after they’ve eaten. Whoopi had the salmon.

Maybe in some other universe, it’s okay to make fun of a majority of Americans because of the color of their skin, but here in the Milky Way, it’s still against the rules.

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