Employee’s hilarious response to boss asking him to arrive 5 minutes before shift is winning the internet

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The boss-employee relationship dynamics of today are increasingly straightforward and infused with clear boundaries. Gone are the days when employees would feel they needed to be at the beck and call of their managers, without questioning anything. A recent viral Reddit thread posted by u/heyyslat shows an instance where his manager texted him, asking him to punch in on time. The man shared a screenshot of his chat with his manager from his old warehouse job. His manager wrote, “This message is to advise you about punching in late. Make sure you punch in on time every single day. I know you can do it!”

Even though most of the comments were in support of the employee, there were few who stood on the sidelines of the manager. u/monkey_in_the_gloom said, “Manager asking a member of staff to be on time. He’s done nothing wrong. If you’re contracted to be somewhere at a certain time, then you need to be. If you repeatedly fail to do so it needs to be discussed. What about all the other staff that are there on time? Why should they bother if you’re allowed to get away with it? It’s a job, not a club. Get up earlier.” However, the comment was downvoted by many.

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