‘Dumpster baby’ adopted by kind couple becomes founder of company worth $62 million

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Freddie Figgers, from a discarded newborn in a dumpster to the CEO of a multimillion-dollar telecom company, exemplifies resilience and determination. Abandoned by his biological mother, he was fortunately adopted by Nathan and Betty Figgers, who provided a loving environment. Despite a challenging start, Figgers exhibited early technological prowess, fixing his first computer at nine.

By 12, he secured his first job, and at 15, he founded a cloud computing company. Inspired by a tornado destroying a dealership’s computer files, he created a solution for remote data backup—initially operating from his backyard. Figgers’ ingenuity extended to inventing a GPS-equipped shoe with a two-way communicator, driven by his father’s Alzheimer’s symptoms.

Driven by a commitment to his father’s safety, Figgers ventured into healthcare. He dropped out of school after a job offer, building a computer program in three weeks and earning $80,000. This marked the beginning of his telecom venture, Figgers Communication.

By 24, Figgers had developed 80 custom software programs, propelling his company’s value to over $62 million. Despite his challenging origins, he remained undeterred, demonstrating that past circumstances need not limit future success.

Beyond personal triumphs, Figgers actively contributes to his community. He supports college students through scholarships, sponsors youth programs, covers seniors’ bills, and aids homes facing foreclosure. His philosophy centers on turning caring into action, emphasizing the transformative impact one can make with the tool of money.

Figgers’ story resonates as an inspiration for those who, like him, started with nothing. From his “dumpster baby” beginnings, he evolved into a prosperous CEO, showcasing that one’s past doesn’t dictate their future. His journey reflects unwavering focus, commitment, and a belief in using success as a means to uplift and change lives.

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