Dollar General Store Closes It’s Self-Checkout Machine For a Surprising Reason

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In a surprising move, a Dollar General store has shut down its self-checkout machines, citing “dishonesty” as the reason. The decision has sparked debate online, with some applauding the store’s stance on shoplifting, while others question the effectiveness of the move and its impact on honest customers.

The closure was brought to light by a picture that went viral on social media. The image shows a self-checkout machine with a handwritten note taped to the screen: “Due to Dishonesty Self-Checkout is CLOSED 🙁 Sorry to all the honest people.”

It’s unclear how widespread this practice is across Dollar General stores, or if the decision was made by individual store managers or corporate policy. The company has not yet issued an official statement on the matter.

Proponents of the closure argue that self-checkout machines are often susceptible to shoplifting, with some customers intentionally scanning fewer items than they are purchasing. They believe that closing the machines is a necessary step to deter theft and protect the store’s profits.

However, critics argue that the closure unfairly penalizes honest customers who rely on self-checkout for convenience and speed. They also worry that the move could lead to longer lines and wait times at traditional checkout lanes.

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