Bride Is Mocked For Her “Inappropriate” Wedding Dress

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A blonde bride has become the source of online ridicule and mockery after she wore an “inappropriate” white wedding dress for her big day. The bride, Sandra, married the love of her life back in April and wore a strapless wedding gown that had lace sleeves and looked totally normal from the front. But in back, Sandra shocked her wedding guests as well as people online by wearing a sheer lace back that went down over her buttocks, exposing her rear to everyone who stood behind her.

Many people online were quick to criticize Sandra for her inappropriate wedding dress. The back of the dress included a lace piece of fabric that ran from her lower back, down her butt, all the way to the floor showing off her backside to everyone at her wedding when it should have been just her husband who saw that side of her.

The American bride did not appreciate all the hate she received from people online. She lashed back at her haters, explaining that the dress was her choice and she did not regret picking it at all.

Sandra’s dress became a topic of viral conversation after a TikTok video of her and her bridesmaids was shared to the Chinese-created social media app and was since been viewed more than four million times and counting. Some people were fond of the inappropriate wedding dress, while others thought the white dress was far too revealing for a formal wedding ceremony and reception.

“Nah, I couldn’t cope with the back of the dress showing my a**,” one TikTok user commented on the viral video.

The bride replied to the comment, “Oh, sorry, I didn’t realize you were wearing the dress.”

Other people on the Chinese-owned social media platform claimed that the bride’s dress was “kinda tacky.” Another person wrote, “What in the Alabama stripper is this dress?”

Still, more people wanted details about how uncomfortable the bride must have been wearing the revealing dress in front of the guests at her wedding. One person wrote, “Was it awkward walking in front of your family like that?” and the bride said: “Why would it be awkward? It’s not like I’m naked.”

Although countless people criticized the bride for wearing the dress, there were still a lot of people who complimented her on the outfit, saying she looked “beautiful” in the white, sleeveless gown.

“You look absolutely stunning; I don’t think you could’ve picked a more beautiful dress to fit your figure,” one fan of the dress wrote.

“That dress is absolutely stunning; you look unreal,” another TikTok user wrote in the comments.

“You look gorgeous,” a third added.

On Daily Mail, readers are split on whether or not the dress was inappropriate for a formal wedding. Half of the respondents on a poll found the dress to be inappropriate, while the other half found it acceptable.

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