“Bikini Influencer” Is In Hot Water After She Uploads This Inappropriate Video With Her Family

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One TikTok influencer was “lives in bikinis” has faced massive backlash for a very “disturbing” video she recorded while in the presence of her stepfather. The bikini influencer Karina Irby, who is also the founder of Moana Swimwear, was dancing to the song “Work B***h” by Britney Spears while in her kitchen. Her stepfather was also in the kitchen while the video was being recorded, and viewers were stunned to see how the woman in the bikini incorporated the much-older man in the viral content.

“Introducing my step Dad to my Tiktok… Do you think he approves?” Karina captioned the clip, which promptly went viral as people took a look at how her stepdad reacted to her dance.

As Karina dances provocatively behind her stepdad’s back, she only sways her hips harder when he turns around. When the man notices what his stepdaughter is doing in front of the camera, he asks: “What the f*** are you doing?” In addition to his question, he also shoots his hot, young stepdaughter a smirk before he places his hands on his hips as Karina continues to grind heavily to Britney Spears’s music while facing in the other direction.

Karina has more than 500,000 followers on TikTok. Her video with her stepdad has amassed more than 600,000 views and counting. People are shocked to see the bikini influencer wearing next to nothing and dancing like she just doesn’t care in front of her stepfather, who is also wearing a skimpy bathing suit.

TikTok users shared hundreds of reactions to the bikini dance video in the comment section. Most people agreed that it was totally inappropriate for Karina to dance like that in her stepfather’s face. And the look on the man’s face looked wildly inappropriate, given that his nearly-naked stepdaughter was moving her body and grinding her hips right in front of him without a seeming care in the world.

“Cheap, tacky, unattractive, desperate………all the qualities of the modern influencer,” one person wrote.

“Asif, do that in front of your step Dad. REALLY,” wrote another.

“Stepdad right O,” said another.

“Definitely not a dance I’d be doing in front of my stepdad,” another person added.

“I find what you are doing in front of him and the way he looks at you mildly disturbing,” said someone else.

Although this video from Karina seems very weird, given that she is dancing in front of her stepdad, the content is very similar to the other videos she has posted to the Chinese social media app. However, there is one big difference between this video from the bikini influencer and the other content she posts on the Chinese social media app. Her stepfather was present for this video, which made a lot of people uncomfortable.

“If half the trolls commenting on this viewed more than one of her TikTok’s or videos, they would see this is how she’s always dancing around!!” wrote one fan.

“LOL, that’s hilarious. Can’t believe (some) people are not seeing this for what it is —a bit of fun,” someone else said.

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