After saving his sister’s life, a 5-year-old kid asked a doctor a question he would never forget…

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Doctor Jim Clark told a story on social networks that left an indelible effect on him. Jim shared the case of Lizzie, a 5-year-old child who desperately needed a blood transfusion. The doctors decided that her twin brother would be the best donor for her because he had recovered from a similar disease.

His blood matched all of the requirements and included antibodies that fought the illness. Jim asked the youngster whether he was willing to give his blood for his sister. The youngster hesitated at first. He consented when the physician stated that surgery was the only way to save the child.

Lizzie had a blood transfusion, and the expert observed that her cheeks had gone red again. Following the procedure, the child asked the doctor a question he would never forget.

I performed surgery on a little girl today. She needs O-negative blood.

We didn’t have one, but her twin brother had the same blood type. I explained that it was a matter of life and death. He sat silently for a while before standing up and saying farewell to his parents. I didn’t give it much thought.

But after we were done, the youngster said, «When am I going to die?» He felt he was saving his sister’s life! Consider the choice this youngster was making at the time, foolishly assuming it was the final act he would do in his life…

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